Drupal to WordPress, WordPress to Drupal

We specialize primarily in WordPress and Drupal sites. Often we find ourselves converting sites from one platform to another. For example, Drupal excels with handling user accounts and granular permissions, whereas WordPress offers a much simpler admin interface and writing … Continued

Drupal Module Spotlight: Pathologic

Pathologic is a handy little module that performs one simple, but very important, function – fix broken links due to a change in URL structure. If you’ve ever moved your Drupal site from one environment to another, like going from your … Continued

Drupal Module Spotlight: Disable Messages

Disable Messages is a module that lets you specify message visibility settings for different roles or paths, eliminating confusing or unsightly error messages for users that don’t need to see them. For example: “Anonymous” and “authenticated” users can see “status” and … Continued

Drupal Module Spotlight: Webform Classes

Webform Classes allows you to specify CSS classes for easier theming or targeting with javascript/jquery. When used in conjunction with Bootstrap, it makes theming a lot easier and consistent by leveraging existing styles. It solves a specific problem with the Bootstrap … Continued

Tutorial: Drupal Mega Menu with Bootstrap 3.x+ and jQuery

The Goal An admin-editable, responsive mega menu using Bootstrap 3.x and Drupal without loading up additional javascript or CSS files. The Problem Mega Menus are a popular way of displaying a large amount of menu items in a wide format … Continued

Bootstrap Feature Spotlight: Responsive Video Embeds

Responsive videos seem to be an after-thought for many websites. While text and images are easy to resize to mobile and tablet screens, videos have always required extra work. Even popular video sharing sites like still don’t have an … Continued

Custom base.php file with Roots Theme

Roots Photo

Photo Credit I talk a lot about the Roots theme. It’s our favorite starter theme and comes with our favorite responsive framework. Roots come with its own theme wrapper which makes it a little difficult to understand for people new … Continued

Drupal’s “Menu Block” in WordPress

As a company that does both Drupal and WordPress websites, it can be frustrating sometimes when functions that are so easy for one platform are so difficult to duplicate on the other. One example is the Menu Block functionality that will … Continued