Custom base.php file with Roots Theme

Roots Photo

Photo Credit I talk a lot about the Roots theme. It’s our favorite starter theme and comes with our favorite responsive framework. Roots come with its own theme wrapper which makes it a little difficult to understand for people new … Continued

Drupal’s “Menu Block” in WordPress

As a company that does both Drupal and WordPress websites, it can be frustrating sometimes when functions that are so easy for one platform are so difficult to duplicate on the other. One example is the Menu Block functionality that will … Continued

Introducing Chrome’s New Mobile Emulator

Chrome Inspector, Device Emulator

Did you know Chrome has a built in mobile device emulator? You can resize the browser window to popular devices like the iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus, Galaxy S5, Galaxy Note, and Google’s own line of Nexus devices.   How … Continued

Google Domains coming soon?

Google Domains is available as an invite-only beta right now. With no cost for private registrations and what appears to be built-in Gmail for domains integration, this may be a worthy competitor in an already very crowded market.   If … Continued

Tutorial: IE8 Support for Drupal Bootstrap theme

Drupal Bootstrap theme does not support IE8 by default. IE8 does not understand HTML5-specific markup and CSS3 media queries. Without support for HTML5 and media queries, you will only see the “mobile” view when you load a Bootstrap theme in … Continued

How to insert an ad between posts in WordPress

Does your project call for you to insert an ad, graphic, or some other type of content between posts? If so, there’s a very easy solution. A typical loop looks like this, taken from the twentyfourteen theme: if ( have_posts() ) : while … Continued

Tutorial: Drupal Bootstrap Subtheme with LESS

Bootstrap is our favorite starter theme for Drupal 7. However, the documentation is a little out of date and incomplete for Bootstrap 3.1.x and newer. The template files are also in an unusual place, making getting started with the subtheme trickier … Continued

Common Bootstrap Customizations

The latest version of Bootstrap 3.x has some great UI features out of the box, but you’ll have to customize it to really make it your own. You can override the Bootstrap CSS with your own, but it’s so much … Continued

Choose Your Path: Website Design Career choices

Thinking about getting into the web design industry? Just graduated and trying to find the right job for you right out of school? There are many different types of web design careers and choosing the right one can be a difficult choice. … Continued